Ilus has been in the proverbial womb for years now, prepping for its entrance into the world. It is with teary eyes that we can finally welcome our baby to earth. 

As Kilean and I discussed our vision and motivation behind this business venture, we initially felt a little stuck, thinking we needed a more complex, emotionally rich backstory with a vision to change the world one dress at a time. So we kept swirling it around in our heads trying to come up with some lovely and romantic tale of magic that would bring tears to your eyes. But we quickly realized we were missing the point entirely. Our story is what it is and it’s simple. The simplicity behind our motivation is kind of what makes it beautiful. It is simple, perfectly simple.

So with that said, our vision is to provide people with pretty clothes. Both of us have a refined eye for beauty. And as we both have grown up a bit, our ability to see beauty has expanded. Though I believe taste refines with age, it also broadens. We began to see beauty in more than just the obvious places - we started to see it in the more unlikely places. And the more we saw it, the drive to create more of it got stronger.

It’s like both of us have this intrinsic need to create. Though we both differ in what it is that we create, that is beside the point. We almost have no choice. If either of us were stuck in this world, unable to make art - it would be no life at all. Pardon the melodrama of that sentiment but I’ve been reading Sally Mann’s memoir and it’s obviously affected me. Sally describes her photography, the act of taking pictures, as something she has to do - it’s a cry from deep inside of her that she must answer to. I think in many ways this is the case for both of us.

We both love pretty clothes and want to share this love with others. Are we doing something new that no one has done before? No. Are we selling something that no one else in the world is selling? No. But does something have to be so different to be good? I guess if anything is different, it's our motivation behind this whole venture - our creative backgrounds inspiring us. The thing is clothes will never go out of style. 

We want you to see beauty in the detail, in the unobvious place. We want you to see that you can wear what makes you feel beautiful. You don’t have to wear what everyone else is wearing.